The Family Support Group began informally in 2006 with Capt G.R. Cooke helping his wife and family connect with other CF Reserve families during deployments with Task Force 3-06.

The 56 Family Support Group grew from four wives of deploying soldiers to 14 families of the 56 Field Regiment in 2008. The 56 Field Regiment Family Support Group formalized its activities with the deployment of the Regiment's TF 3-08 personnel.

In 2009, the TF 1-10 soldier's families numbered 26. We also welcomed 32 associate families (Army, Air Force and Navy) at this time. These families lived within the 56 Field Regiment area.

All members are welcome to attend any coffee club, workshop or events that are offered by the 56 Field Family Support Group free of charge. These events are offered to the families as an opportunity to meet, chat and gain new friendships. They realize that "they are not alone". We offer support to families of those ­who serve.

We sell Support Our Troops items at the Brantford Air Show, Paris Fair, Norfolk Fair and to group members. This allows the families, friends and neighbours of those who serve to support the families and indirectly the soldiers.