Booklets and Pamphlets available to download.

Here are the titles available to you.  Check this list. Each PDF file is about 2MB.


Choose which ones to download below.

Documents are in "pdf" format and require Adobe Reader in order to view them.

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or consult a friend's Family Support website for the same files that YOU can download directy.


Pamphlet & Resource Documents Available





A Father to be Proud of


A book written by Sheila Johnson based on the true story of how her father who was in the military explained his absences to her and her brother.



Student Deployment Handbook

A Journal for children of milltary personnel to complete when a parent is being deployed.



Preparing for Critical Incident Stress

A pamphlet providing guidance on how to deal with critical incident stress. A critical incident is described as an event which is outside the range of normal experience that is sudden, unsual and unexpected.



Critical Incidents


Advice to Family and Friends



Reunion Handbook

Information, tips and suggestions for families, throughout the re-integration process.


Preparing for Deployment Stress



A pamphlet to assist individuals being deployed and families of deployed personnel with the physical and emotional demands relating to deployment, separation and reunion.



Homecoming Handbook


A guide to assist deployed individuals in preparation for coming home.



Deployment Cycle


A handbook to assist individuals in preparing for deployment.



Family Handbook


A handbook for family members containing sources of information and support availability prior to, during and after deployment.



Where It All Begins (PDF)

If you are a family of a soldier....learn the 'ropes' here.



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Patricia Cooke