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OCdt Sal Abbruscato


56 Field Regiment lost a Bombardier yesterday but gained a junior officer. OCdt Sal Abbruscato was promoted Saturday 15 June 2013 by Regimental 2IC, Major R.J. Christopher. We wish OCdt Abbruscato well as he travels to Land Force Atlantic Area Training Centre Aldershot in Kings County, Nova Scotia for a challenging 11 week army officers’ training course. OCdt Abbruscato is an Afghanistan veteran serving with D Battery, 2 Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, Task Force Afghanistan 1-10. We wish him well.

Dragon Boating...Great Fun

Thanks so much to Kathy Abbruscato of arranging the Dragon Boat experience. We had a great time. We learned many skills (beginner!). It was so much fun. Met new people. We paddled along the old Welland Canal. NO! no ships....just kayaks, canoes and dragon boats of all sorts. You can bring your non motor boat and explore the Canal for no fee....It is at the end of Thorold Road East, turn left along the dirt road to the boathouse. If Kathy can arrange for Dragon Boat fun for next's is a MUST try. All equipment is provided. Thank you also to our amazing hosts and teachers:

South Niagara Canoe Club
108 Thorold Road East
Welland, ON. L3C 7A6
CLICK HERE FOR A MAP,-79.241381&daddr=&hl=en&geocode=&sll=43.007597,-79.237089&sspn=0.033203,0.069094&vpsrc=6&mra=mift&mrsp=0&sz=14&ie=UTF8&t=m&z=14&iwloc=ddw0%3E

Empty and ready
Kathy at the Rudder...standing the whole way!
A fun loving group lesson

10 Battery Display at Vets Club


The Vets Club in St. Catharines wishes to support our 10 Battery Soldiers. We made up a display of items being sold for the 56 Family Support Group. Thank you to the Vets Club for allowing us to display by your membership board upstairs.  Here is a pic of the display board.

If you wish any items please call Kathy Abbruscato at (905) 357-0432.

Other areas wishing to purchase Fundraising items, please view:


Chocolate Tales

Chocolate Tales Workshop on Thurs May 16th was amazing.

We had aprons, gloves and table cloths to help us keep clean.....lots of licking of chocolate fingers as we prepared out own truffles, lava cakes, and other chocolate treats. We got to bring home what we created....whatever was left over!. Now we have wee presents to give to our family members or eat ourselves. No calories of course!! It cost us $5 at the door and the 56 Family Support Group covered half of the cost. You can have home parties.....they set up everything. You'll love it.

Will include the website and a couple of pics.


Our youngest chef volunteer
One of 4 trays created
Fun....lick those fingers!

2013 $ 500 Grant....Craig Element

Craig Element was awarded the $500 Grant from our 56 Family Support Group on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at the Brantford Armoury. Congratulations to his Mom~Corporal K Element of 56 Field Regiment.

Corporal Element son may now take Tae Kwon Do

2014 interested applicants ~ more info re the Grant Program is found at: