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PO1 Cynthia “Dale” Harrington, CD

PO1 Cynthia “Dale” Harrington, CD 


It is with sincere regret that 56 Family Support Group wishes to share with our members the passing of Petty Officer 1st Class, Cynthia “Dale” Harrington, CD on January 16, 2014 at Victoria Hospital, London with her family at her side.

Dale was 56 Field Regiment’s Chief Clerk during a time when our Regiment sent many of our gunners on tour to Afghanistan.  Her uncompromising professionalism, insights and compassion ensured everyone was administratively prepared to join their Task Force and helped those returning ease gently back into the Regiment on their arrival home.

PO1 Harrington was the compensurate mentor and skilled supervisor.  Dale greatly enjoyed baking in her spare time and everyone looked forward to each Thursday where the Brantford lunchroom was filled with desserts fit for a banquet table.

Dale will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

Further information on visitation, funeral arrangements and memorial donations may be found at

Children's Christmas Party 2013

The children at the FSG Christmas Party ( DEC 1) in Hamilton had a great time. All made crafts, ate yummy treats and sat on Santa's knee. They enjoyed their presents and went home smiling with many good memories. Donna, thanks for organizing it again this year.

IF you have any fun pics to send me......I"ll put them on the website.     

Some pics:

Made a tool box
On Santa's knee
Cookie Decorating

SOT Ribbon Craft
IN the Bouncer    

Congrats to Sgt Cavin CD

Congratulations to Sgt. James Cavin on receiving the Sergeant of the Year Award 2013.

The RCA Sergeant of the Year Award 2013 – Primary Reserve

Sgt James L. Cavin CD, 56 Fd Regt, RCA

Sgt Cavin has demonstrated outstanding leadership skill and been instrumental in the orchestration of training. His expertise, guidance and mentoring produces highly motivated and technically sound gunners for the Regiment. His performance as a senior NCO has been exemplary.

Presented for outstanding leadership and performance throughout the year. Sgt King’s consistent high standard of leadership and technical expertise provided a positive example for his subordinates. He has proven to be an asset to The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.

The Award is for the individual whose performance has demonstrated over the period of the assessment year, outstanding leadership, emphasizing the example set, the gaining of the respect of his or her subordinates, peers and superiors, and the positive effect on The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery which the nominee has had. Factors that should be considered in the selection include competence, confidence, courage, fitness, integrity, military achievement, CF recognition, self-improvement and education advancement, and loyal and dedicated service to The Royal Regiment and its members

Poppy Garden at Simcoe Armoury

poppy_sign_flag_garden      Flag_garden      Mess_gard

The 56 Family Support Group were approached to plant red poppies at the front of the Simcoe Armoury. Nov 20th a

few of us raked, tilled and added new soil with the poppy seeds. Seeds must lie dormant all winter and rise with the warm spring soils. We made a wee flagged section so that all will know what is to be growing. Keep your fingers crossed..perhaps May 2014 will realize success. Thank you to all who helped....and to Herb who let us come in and warm up afterwards! A poster will be placed on the Bulliten Board explaining the 'new flags'.

Flying Officer Ike Hewitt. POW

The title is 'Flying Officer Ike Hewitt. P.O.W.  War Memories"

"Seven decades have gone by and the memories are still there. Ike Hewitt now 97 year old, quietly recounted his war stories".... I have attached a pic of the front and back of book for you to read.

Ike was at the Remembrance Day luncheon at 69 Battery in Simcoe. There are not many WWII vets left to tell stories first hand.

This book has many positive and uplifting accounts/logs and hand drawn cartoons & pictures by many other P.O.W.'s in the camp.

Harry B. Barrett, 91, and Ike Hewitt, 97 reminisce over their wartime experiences....and thus the idea of this book.

I hope you wish to purchase one....Simcoe Legion (519-426-3804) and also Simcoe Armoury (519-426-3493) might still have copies.

A keeper!...just like Ike

Ikes_book_front Ikes_book_back