2015 56 Family Support Grant Awards

There were eight applications for the 2015 $500 Grant. Each application was read and reviewed by four people.

Two applications were very impressive meeting the criteria.

Each chosen applicant will receive a cheque for $250 .

On Thursday, May 21/15 during Parade at 54 Battery the two winners of the 56 Family Support $500 Grant Award were announced.

Congratulatons to the families of Sgt Michael Kuz and MBr Josh Olthof.

Sgt Kuz was present but MBr Olthof is in Meaford for a few more weeks. We will present Katie with the cheque and post more pics.


Sgt Kuz, Patricia Cooke & Brenda Langas
Olthof family. Josh in Meeford

Sgt Kuz, CO Major Marvin, Pat Cooke & Brenda Langas