Deployment Packages

Deployment Package Changes There have been recent changes to the requirements for sending care packages to deployed troops. You are now required to attach a customs declaration to each parcel – the ‘International Parcel Air/Surface’ slip. You can get one at any post office location. I also have them at the LMFRC Outreach Hamilton office. On the declaration you will need to list all contents of the package, with weight and $ value for each category of item. If the package is going to Op Unifier (Ukraine) the customs form needs to be placed in a clear sealed envelope attached to the bottom left. We have clear envelopes here if you need one. All parcels for overseas deployments can be sent free of charge through the LMFRC Outreach Hamilton location throughout the year or your local Canada Post office from October 10, 2017 – January 12, 2018. Any mail intended for Christmas must arrive to the Belleville post centre by November 17, 2017.