We are thrilled and fortunate that all our soldiers returned safe and sound from Afghanistan over the years. Some soldiers have applied to go abroad but the numbers are fewer than in the past 9 years. Practically 50 % of our current soldiers have been to Afghanistan. The 56 Field Regiment and families are 'doing their part'.

We have been very prudent and delicate with the expenditures in assisting the families of our deployed soldiers since 2008.

Our goal is to continue to support our current and formerly serving soldiers and their families. The current soldiers will still have future tours, lengthy exercises and courses for extended periods of time.

The 56 Family Support Group is looking to the future by creating social and educational opportunities for our 56 Field Regiment soldiers' families. In addition, we are hoping to award a yearly grant to assist in their family activities that will increase the quality of life for the family member of the soldier.

Any donations to our group will assist with the grant and will not be used for operational expenses. We will continue to sell our Support Our Troops items (see fundraising section on website) at fairs and fundraisers. This money will go towards our operating expenses.

Your donation is most appreciated. Please contact Pat Cooke if you wish to make a donation.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or (519) 805-4495


Thank you for your kindness in supporting this effort to help our troops.

Patricia Cooke

Chair, 56 Family Support Group