56th Field Artillery Regiment Family Support Group

Do you live in the Brant, Norfolk or Niagara Peninsula areas, and have a Canadian Forces member in your family? 

You may wish to join our group.


Mission Statement:

To promote and facilitate community based military family services that strengthen Canadian Forces' families and their communities.

To reduce the impact created by long periods of family separation by providing a point of contact and emotional support for the well being of the members

and their families.


To assist families as recommended by the 56 Field Regiment and the London Military Family Resource Centre (LMFRC).



Lieutenant-Colonel Lawrence Hatfield CD

Commanding Officer

56 Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery

One of the foundations of a successful regiment is having a strong regimental family. That family includes: the serving regiment, the families of our serving soldiers and finally a number of dedicated extra regimental organizations. From the very origins of our regiment these regimental organizations have provided critical support to the serving regiment. They provide an ability for retired members and friends of the regiment to continue to serve. From our first contingents sent to Europe in 1915 to our Gunners deployed to Afghanistan these organizations have been there when it counts. Whether it has been raising funds, sending care packages or providing practical support to families. The Family Support Group has taken up the torch and has supported the regiment in the finest traditions of service. On behalf of the all the Gunners of 56 Field Regiment I want to express my sincere appreciation of the service of Pat Cooke, Brenda Langas and Family Support Group.